It isn’t hard to build a website – even if you still think it is. What makes this task easy is the presence of modern website builder, which are submitted today in the large vastness. We have selected for you ten site builders and will consider them in closeness in this article.

Website builders to consider

  • uKit










  1. Description of a site builder uKit

That’s an advantageous web builder for small and large entrepreneurs, private persons and official organizations. It is mobile-friendly and low-cost yet effective and, by and large, is the best current choice on the market for everything but an online store.


  1. Great responsive designs, ample choice from over 200 categorized and highly adjustable templates.

  2. Wonderful pricing, the best on the market, with a free trial and a lot of discounts.

  3. Unlimited storage space, bandwidth right from the start, as well as mobile friendliness, SSL and HTTPS connection in a blink of an eye.



  1. Not powerful for e-stores and blogs.

  2. Support and FAQ are two-languages only (Ru+Eng) despite the fact that other pages are translated into more number of languages.


Pricing model:

4 and 8 dollars a month for regular sites. E-stores start with 9.60 bucks and everything is included for 12 dollars a month. 14-day trial, great discounts starting with -5% when buying 3 months ending with -30% buying 24 months at once. We haven’t seen a better option yet.


  1. Description of a site builder

Powerful and wants to embrace as many types of websites as possible, yet delivering wonderful results only for powerful PCs and Internet connection.



  1. Many well-adjustable templates.

  2. Flexibility, app market, AI behind.



  1. Works pretty okay only for websites up to 30 pages.

  2. You can’t change a template and expect all changes will be saved.

  3. Pricing is rather high.


Pricing model:

Of 7 its pricing plans, three come for online stores (17-25-35 Euros a month) and the other four types will cost you 4.50, 8.50, 12.50, and 24.50 Euros in a month (somehow, all their prices on the page are indicated in Euros, not in dollars). 1-2 Gb bandwidth, 0.5-3 Gb storage space, and your domain’ connection are offered in the 4.50 & 8.50 plans (while the most low-cost one will not free you from branded ads). 12.50 and 24.50 subscription plans will give you a possibility to store some video minutes on your website (if you are hesitating to do it on YouTube), give some free money to promote your website online, as well as the costliest plan with provide you the social media logo files and priority VIP support in a help center.


  1. Description of a site builder

A perfect solution for web stores and, obviously, not as powerful for every other type of website.


Advantages of the service:

  1. The best choice for e-stores.

  2. Unlimited products in the lowest subscription plan already.

  3. Powerful merchandise management system.



  1. Not the best choice for other types of websites.

  2. Many types of additional payments that you won’t get rid of.


Pricing model:

Three pricing plans start after the standard 14-day trial period is over. They are rather high – but that’s the price you are going to pay for professionally built and not less professionally managed e-store. 29, 79, and 299 dollars a month give you much power and many discounts for really useful stuff.


  1. Description of a website builder

This is one of the simplest website building platforms on the market, giving you the same simple websites, which you will not be able to adjust too far or won’t get another ample freedom. A starter? Great! That’s for whom is for. Advanced? Search elsewhere.



  1. Fairly easy to use it.

  2. It offers a free plan.

  3. Supports multilingual websites.



  1. Little flexible, limits creativity.

  2. Gives limited access compared to most other site builders on the market.

  3. Big floating ads all over your website in a free subscription.


Pricing model:

Only two types of pricing are currently available: free and the one for $10.80 a month. The cost-based plan is still extremely limited in storage space, bandwidth, and loads of other features.


  1. Description of a website builder

It has one of the biggest free trials on the market – 30 days, which actually makes you save a 1-month subscription.


Rated advantages:

  1. Supports multiple languages on the website.

  2. Its drag-and-drop is easy and very intuitive.

  3. Backup, restore.



  1. There is no embedded app store and thus, a user is limited in a number of apps to add.

  2. Relatively expensive.

  3. E-commerce plans go for extra money per month.


Pricing model:

‘Basic’ plan for $19, ‘Team’ for $29, ‘Agency’ for $99 will make it possible to lose 25% from those prices if you pay annually, totaling in 14, 22, and 74 dollars respectively. A custom plan can be discussed if needed. If you want e-commerce switched on for you, get ready to pay from 0 bucks (for 10 products only) through $7.25 (for 100) to $19.25 for 2,500 products. This can make your monthly cost as high as 118.25 dollars.


  1. Description of a website builder

This site builder is very easy to use and gives you pretty distinctive features of e-commerce, which may be an inexpensive solution for your online store.



  1. Relatively inexpensive.

  2. Has easy-to-integrate possibility with site’s app center.

  3. Many well-adjustable responsive interactive themes.



  1. One can’t adjust its templates to any extent, grabbing even lesser than one may think of.

  2. No support for multilingual websites.

  3. Billed annually only.


Pricing model:

It offers 4 pricing plans: for free, for 5, 10, and 20 Euros a month. The 5-euro plan won’t free you from ads, and the free one won’t give you a domain name.


  1. Description of a website builder

This is a very outdated site builder with the poorest customer support we have ever met in our life. If you don’t have better options to do with your time – use This is the one, which will waste your time giving nothing in return. No wonder nobody uses this builder.



  1. You can build a website for cheap money if you want to get just some bad website at tops.



  1. Absolutely disappointing customer support, which can’t tell you basically anything good no matter how hard you try to get information from them (we’ve tried to get an answer to a basic question of a price for 30 minutes and it ended up in nothing).

  2. It is impossible to get a domain name in one of its subscription plans – it costs extra for obtaining and hosting.

  3. It has no blog possibility.

  4. The website you will build won’t be of any good compared to any other web builder’s result.

  5. Save your nerves if you don’t want to receive disappointment in the end. Just check another site builder right away.


Pricing model:

It currently has two plans of subscription and offers rather an odd pricing: $2.45 per month for ‘Starter’ and $7.42 a month for ‘Premium’. We aren’t sure why these numbers are so uneven but we weren’t helped by their support anyway.


  1. Description of a website builder

That’s rather a poor site builder. Its only advantage is a number of layouts to choose from and somewhat easy work on customization. But it’s not good for blogging, e-store, or professionals who would rather opt for Wordpress.



  1. Many layouts to choose from, which are easy to use.



  1. Not good for blogging, as it does not have the blogging engine of any modern power behind.

  2. Limited payouts.

  3. Terrible support quality.


Pricing model:

$5.99, $9.99, $14.99, and $19.99 a month are your choices. This builder has one of the longest free trials on the market – 30 days, which adds +1 month to the paid term automatically. Mobile friendliness is included in every its subscription plan, as well as many other features but they are all paid and there is no free subscription.


  1. Description of a website builder

That’s a mid-market offer, which is equally good (or bad) for all types of websites. It does not have specialization. It won’t limit you artificially only when you opt for the most expensive its plan costing 39 Euros a month – which pulls this tool of website making to the cohort of the costliest site builders.



  1. Well for SEO and mobile-friendly.

  2. A number of great templates to use.

  3. The support won’t leave you disappointed.



  1. All its templates are not flexible, which will make you opt for another site builder by and large.

  2. You can’t pay for a month, only for a year at once.

  3. The online store is not very powerful.


Pricing model:

There are 5 plans to select from: free one to play, 9-euro to have a very limited start, 15-euro to try to grow bigger, 19-euro and 39-euro to have at least any good work in this site builder. The latter two will almost not limit you in possibilities and creativity.


  1. Description of a website builder

It is one of the top choices for blogging and thus, gives all features tuned maximally for that, abandoning many-level navigation, SEO, speed of loading pages, and other technical features. However, if you want to make a website to top the search results, Squarespace is definitely not your choice.



  1. Design of templates is up-to-date and they are quite flexible.

  2. It is wonderful for blogs.

  3. E-commerce comes with the possibility of a customer login.

  4. Powerful support, which won’t leave you aside.



  1. Hard-to-work-with visual editor.

  2. E-commerce pricing could be lower.

  3. Only two levels of navigation, which is not enough in most cases.

  4. SEO is weak and limited.

  5. Page speed (load times) is not good for SEO.

  6. You can’t make a preview to the made changes, they instantaneously appear on the site becoming visible to everyone.


Pricing model:

For 12 and 18 bucks a month, you can create regular websites (the mentioned price applies only if you pay for a year with one payment or else it will be 16/26 bucks respectively). The online store plans will take from you 26/30 and 40/46 dollars of monthly-paid-annually / monthly prices.


Defining a website builder

A tool, which you can use to create a website, is called a site builder. In most cases, it works online (at least, all ones on our today’s list feature only online site builders) but sometimes, offline or mixed work is met.

The basis of every site builder is a visual part of the process – which allows constructing a website even to people, which don’t know anything about the process. Most site builders allow you not to know what’s happening inside, behind the visual interface suitable for work with a mouse and – sometimes – with a keyboard. Sure, you won’t be able to make just any website (such as social media, huge online retailers like Amazon or online auctions like eBay, the same as of websites will remain unreachable for you in online site builders). But you will be able to make any other type: personal or business, online store or a site for an educational institution, a political party or governmental portal, landing page or portfolio of a webmaster. They mostly will consist of static pages, which you will be able to create manually.


What’s better: a person-developer or an online tool?

Pros of a person/studio builder:

  1. It is possible to create just any website.

  2. You will not be limited in your desire and will have ample technical and technological ways of implementing your task, including connecting to mega-large databases or even Artificial Intelligence.

Cons of a person/studio builder:

  1. Time. The more you want from your website, the longer this work will be done, including different stages of work like agreeing, designing, coding, testing, error correction, repeated testing, and commissioning.

  2. Money. The agency’s cost launches from thousand(s) dollars in English-speaking countries or from hundreds of dollars in otherwise-speaking countries.

  3. Paperwork and agreement.

Pros of a website tool:

  1. Speed. Fast website creation boils down to days as a max, hours on average or even minutes as best.

  2. Cost. You are able to start your web presence for as little as zero dollars in a free trial and continue it in a free subscription plan endlessly. Some web builders offer you to stay online for meager bucks a month with a market’s average equal to 15-25 dollars a month for a very powerful option.

  3. You can do everything on your own. No need to attract anyone or pay them.

  4. You don’t have to have special knowledge in site-making, just open a user-friendly interface and do everything with mostly a mouse.

Cons of a website tool:

  1. Not literally any type of website can be conquered by tools.

  2. In some cases, when you need a bigger degree of customization, you will have to get into the code of pages to help yourself out with this. Or to hire someone who can get into if this is just not yours.


Clients of website builders

It is impossible to find any reliable and all-embracing definition of clients of site builders but based on our experience, these are:

  • people who do not trust web studios or individual freelancers considering that the price tag for their work will be too high or it will be impossible to get what they want from those contractors

  • ones who are assured in own powers to think that he or she can make a website or have already had previous experience in building a website in some of them

  • people who have scarce resources: time, money, knowledge, and thus, rely on the professionalism of some of the easiest site builder

  • users who simply don’t have enough desire to explain something to someone and prefer to speed-up obtaining the result by making everything on their own

  • people who have simply discovered such an opportunity recently and now want to see how far they can get.


Choosing the right website builder: tips

It is very important to find such website builder software, which would suit your needs and expectations. We understand that it is a very hard choice if you are not familiar yet with any of them. And that is why we offer you some tips to consider:

  1. How many templates a simple website builder gives. If their amount is below 100 and most part of them similar amongst self, then we recommend abandoning this one in the search for another easiest website builder, as a right template is a guarantee to cut off 90% of time and efforts in making what you need.

  2. Ease of customization of a selected template and how far you can go with it: the better and simpler you can reach the desired effect, the sooner you will launch your web presence.

  3. Uptime: denotes how much time all variety of websites hosted by this particular site builder is available to users. Ideally, it should be 100%.

  4. SEO. It is important for the promotion of your website into the top of search engine results in a given keyword or a number of them. The better SEO tools a site builder offers – the better for any highly competitive market.

  5. Cost. How much money you are ready to give for the functionality. Today, 4-8 dollars a month are average for just a regular website and 15-25 are average for an online store. If you want much better features to be available, simply multiply at 5 or even at 10.

  6. Quality of customer support. It is a crucial criterion. If they won’t support you in any your need and question, then why would you choose them?

  7. App store and widgets for your pages, as well as pre-made processes for better interaction with visitors and customers. If a site builder has such in abundance – it is a good site builder.


More tips about choosing a website builder

  1. Drag-and-drop should be easy. If you aren’t sure how to use it and it is heavy for you, then it won’t make any good for your work with it.

  2. Stock images and other features to simply add to your website (for free or for a small cost) – it’s a practical solution, which will boost your efficiency and the beauty of the result.

  3. A possibility of a free trial. Unless you are already very proficient with this or that site builder, without a free trial, you can’t possibly understand if it suits you or not. Availability of compensating your money is good, definitely, but it will take additional time and efforts, which you may not have. Trying for free is the best way to figure out whether to continue with this one.

  4. Additional features like SSL and HTTPS: these enable arranging a web store. Without them, Google will mark your website as unreliable and can exclude from search bases or to blacklist it as a non-safe place to spend money.


Top website builders by industries

Small businesses of all types, as well as photographers will find uKit the one of the best website builders ever existed – with technically and SEO-optimized pages, its low cost, a possibility to input changes to the code online, creation of galleries and portfolios, nice backup and restore options, mobile friendliness, SSL, HTTPS in a blink of an eye, many widgets and apps to use, as well as super friendly customer support make uKit the best website builder.

Bloggers shall explore the power of Squarespace, as it is a known leader currently, powering millions of blogs.

E-commerce is undeniably powerful with, as its only goal is to be the best and most powerful for stores trading online, allowing a significantly bigger number of tools for e-stores than any other generally-tuned site builder can offer today.

Professionals would like, as we guess, to work in or – as these two are the most proficient in adjusting templates than any others.

Mobile friendliness is a strong side of and, among the others.

Drag-and-drop is not the most powerful side in Squarespace – if you would like to know what builder to avoid for non-pro users. However, if you need a blog, then you will have to deal with its toughness. Every other site builder on the list is great in this (except, as this builder is pretty useless). But if you’re seeking for the best ones – and uKit are the most ultimate choices.


Consumer website builder reviews

  1. Nathan from Asuncion, Paraguay, about I created my web store with this site builder’s account and I’m excellently happy about using it. I am not a beginner in the business – I am running sales sites for over 10 years now and I know what it takes to manage thousands of brands under one roof. Shopify was my savior, largely simplifying for me all management and other processes.

  2. Jameson from Nouakchott, Mauritania, about I didn’t know what a professional website must look like when I was using website builders company. I created an educational site for the university but it was so clipped that less than in a month, I’ve decided to abandon it. It limits storage space, traffic of the users, can’t really adjust templates to any significant extent, can’t upload specific types of files or download the content… A lot of silly restrictions.

  3. Kevin from Tripoli, Libya, about A powerful website creator. I didn’t need to go elsewhere to make my website. Flexible, with many add-ons that are easily integrated into the pages, with fantastic approachability to using a visual web page builder, wonderful workability and almost no restrictions in making a website of my dreams. The only thing is that all pages I’ve done must be managed manually. Pity.

  4. Abdullah from Monastir, Tunisia, about That was a great choice for a simple site of me as an entrepreneur who is trying to gain more clients but wasn't a good one for e-commerce that I planned to start afterward. I wanted to sell hand-made jewelry and I had over 150 pieces of it. But seems like I had to pay almost 20 bucks a month additionally to 22-dollar subscription (because the lowest one wasn’t of any good for me). So it made 40 dollars a month or 480 bucks a year just for running a website. Very expensive and not for me.

  5. Ramon from Buenos Aires, Argentina, about We have done a web store, attached a blog, and connected a landing page – these all were done in Although we had to abandon some features we initially were hoping to embed just to make it possible to launch the needed websites, I was pretty glad about the result of all three. Maybe, in the future, I will use another platform to build a website but I can’t say now for sure.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I build my first website alone?

Definitely. Website creation services are based on the software that was elaborated to give everyone a possibility to make a website, even if he or she is not proficient. If you have some experience with MS Word, Excel and know how to use the Internet, then you will highly likely cope with site builders.


  • How much does it cost to launch a website from start to finish?

Most site builders offer try-and-buy period, during which it is possible to make anything you like for free (nearly every option of the fully paid period). It is usually equal to 14-30 days and offers you to sign up for the paid usage after the period is over. Some, however, have free subscriptions, very limited and nasty, severely pushing you to paid options.


  • Mobile device responsiveness

It is an important issue and means that your website is good enough for viewing on mobile screens. Its importance is due to the fact that the biggest part of users in the world uses only mobile phones to browse the Internet, so if your website won’t be optimal for their screen and simplicity of navigation and usage, they won’t visit you.


  • Drag-and-drop services

They are the heart of any visual website maker. It is rational and simple to use a mouse to place objects on the page(s), change their characteristics, filling, shape, type of action, and make all other fine-tuning, which is hard enough or impossible for a non-sophisticated person to perform without a mouse. This functionality makes it possible to use website makers in the first place.


  • Domain names

Every single website has to have a unique domain name. A free one is assigned to your site when it is built and launched in any site builder’s free plan or during a trial usage. A more advanced name without branding of a quick website builder will be given to you either when you pay for it separately or will opt for one of costliest subscription plans.


  • SEO

SEO is only of importance to you if you plan to make your website widely known and competitive in search results, heavily relying in your business model on a number of visitors, expecting some financial outcome based on their inflow (by selling products, as an example). In this case, choose a site builder that will allow you to work with SEO parameters of pages like headings, meta tags, keywords, and will allow you to technically optimize pages to make them load fast, and so on.